Ultimate Gift Guide For Her 2018

Oh the holidays... It is that special time of year to express your love and gratitude for those around you. We know it can also get a bit hectic trying to figure out what to buy your loved ones. So we've gone ahead and made the ultimate gift guide for the lady in your life. We have compiled our top 12 best sellers to make this years gift buying a stress-free operation. 

Gift Idea #12

For the busy lady.

The 'Nala' bag is perfect for your busy gal pal who must carry all the essentials at all times. She needs a bag she can toss over her shoulder and run out the door with. 
$84.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #11

For beach vacationer.

The 'Olive' bag provides that simple chic style for the lady that needs her relaxing beach holidays. 
$44.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #10

For the cat napper.

The boho tassel and lace hammock could not be more fitting for the woman who just needs to lay in the sun with a good book, a cool drink and a nap to follow.
$189.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #9

For the professional.

The 'Kingsley' bag is sleek, sexy and screams 'I mean business'. 
$74.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #8

For the girl who loves her Sunday brunches.

The 'Adele' bag could not be more perfect for the gal who is all about weekend meetups with her girl pack.
$49.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #7

For the minimalist.

The 'Ilona' clutch is absolutely perfect for the boho gal who likes to leave the house with just her basics in hand.
$29.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #6

For the girl who loves maxi dresses.

The 'Lydia' bag could not be styled more perfectly then with a long, flowing maxi dress.
$99.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #5

For tea junkie.

The mini pot tea infuser is a must have for the lady in your life who just can't get enough of that earl grey.
$9.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #4

For the home decor enthusiast.

The 'Armon' throw pillow cover is one of our best sellers and personal favorites. It will add a little extra boho pizzazz to your lady's decor.
$9.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #3

For the bohemian goddess.

The 'Niven' bag is pretty much drool worthy. It is a best seller and gives everyone the heart eyes. A necessity for your bohemian goddess' collection.
$62.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #2

For the environmental enthusiast.

The Japanese bamboo cutlery set could not be more fitting for the woman who loves doing her part to help our planet. She can bring it to work for lunch, on a camping trip or a weekend picnic.
$14.99 + Free Shipping

Gift Idea #1

For the vintage classic.

The 'Bleu Belle' bag is a timeless statement piece. It is perfect for the classic lady in your life who digs on retro chic accessories. 
$59.99 + Free Shipping
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