We started RRATTAN because we believe in a 'trendy while eco-friendly' lifestyle. We truly believe that a sustainable lifestyle is the only kind of lifestyle which protects our precious environment and keeps it clean.

So what do we mean by 'trendy while eco-friendly'? Well, after living in Asia for many years, we fell in love with the many skillfully handcrafted rattan, bamboo and straw products. These products exude a beautiful boho style. We want to share these trendy handcrafted products with you.

We also continually explored more ways of incorporating our 'trendy while eco-friendly' motto into our daily lives. A huge problem right now is plastic waste. During our travels, we have seen oceans, beaches, towns and cities full of plastic waste. We believe in an eco-friendly lifestyle that incorporates less plastic & more reusable products & materials so that our trash bags remain empty for longer. 

And that's why we started RRATTAN - to continue bringing you all the trendy boho-inspired products of Asia as well as reusable & eco-friendly products that will help protect our environment against harmful waste.

To read about our travels that inspired RRATTAN, visit our personal blog.

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