Deluxe Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Drip

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Are you a serious coffee enthusiast? Then you'll love this reusable coffee drip with removable filter. It is constructed from a high quality reinforced stainless steel mesh. It has a double mesh which provides dual filtration so you never have to worry about grinds ending up in your cup! Even better, you don't need to use any paper filters so this drip is completely eco-friendly!  It is designed to fit most cups, mugs, thermoses and small pots. Use it at home, at work or even take it camping!

To use the coffee drip, place the coffee drip over a coffee pot/mug. Fill the filter cone with your desired amount of ground coffee (medium grinds will work best). Pour hot water slowly and evenly in a circular motion into the drip until all the grounds are lightly soaked. Wait 15~20 seconds for the coffee to expand and then continue to slowly pour the hot water over the coffee. Allow time for the hot water to drip through the coffee grinds. Remove the coffee drip from your pot/mug and enjoy your freshly home-brewed coffee! Presto.

The cone is dishwasher friendly but the base is NOT. We recommend washing the stand by hand.


Height - 8.6cm / 3.4in

Diameter - 11cm / 4.3in 


Height - 8.6cm / 3.3in

Diameter - 11.5cm / 4.5in

Cone Material

Food grade stainless steel