USB Barbecue Arc Lighter

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This stylish and rechargeable barbecue lighter is a real game changer for those who love barbecuing, cooking with gas in the kitchen and camping. It uses an arc instead of a flame so you won't ever have to worry about fighting the wind to get your fire started. Forget about buying any more matches, lighter fluid and batteries!

It is so simple to use. Charge it up via any USB, switch on the ignition lock off, press the button and light your fire! Switch the ignition lock back on and it will be safely shut off but remember to still keep it out of reach of children.


Height - 23.5cm / 9.25in

Width - 1.6cm / 0.63in 

Weight - 160g / 5.6oz

Shell Material

Fingerprint-proof, frosted zinc alloy


Type - Lithium Cobalt Oxide

Capacity - 280mAh

Charging Time - 1~1.5h

Battery Life - 300~500 charges